Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Harper's new room

I have to really get on the ball with finishing decorating. I've finished our room/bathroom (kind of), Harper's room, and the living room and that's it.

Remember the post when I had it all mapped out and had the paint colors and everything-well, we finally did it when my in-laws were here. It was perfect because they could help watch her while we painted. She did have to sleep in the pack and play for a night in a spare room, just for safety purposes with the fumes, but it all went smoothly. I found this cool idea for a wall mural of sorts and Ray, my father in law, made it into a template that he traced on the wall. Once it was traced, we painted it in with small brushes.

It turned out so nice! I still want to find a cool green rug to go in the nook, but it is a good reading spot for now.

We painted the rest of the room pink...though I think I said I'd never do that, along with "Harper will not be wearing a bunch of pink all of the time"-yeah right! But it is called "warm pink" and it is not too nauseating-it has a hint of salmon in it.

I like her room, even if she does have more closet space than me now, and I think she likes it too. Don't you?

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