Tuesday, June 8, 2010

this is

This is

a tempter tantrum.

This is

Harper making sure I'm watching the temper tantrum.
Oh yeah, I'm watchin' you, girl. You look ridiculous, I say.

This is
the pile that she was making

as she
cleaned out her diaper bag for me.
Harper is a very neat girl. She makes piles for me everywhere.
If she sees a blade of grass on the other side of the room,
she goes and picks it up and brings it to me.
She is NOT like her mamma in that regard.

Hurry, mamma, we gotta clean up.
This was one of her Memorial Day-4th of July-Labor Day-hey we're making good use of it dresses.
It was $4 at a consignment shop

This is
my favorite thing to watch.
She LOVES this book (and so do I).
Oh yeah, and of course Harper LOVES her daddy.
This is when she'd just finished throwing a fit with me and ran to her daddy for love.

This is
her striking a pose in her reading nook. I always say, "whoo, girl! Work it Harper!"
All we need here is a fan.

I have a great idea for this reading nook. Since she has a little dormer window, I put a reading chair in there with some books. She is so grown up and reading there all of the time now. Well, she points to pictures and says incomprehensible words. Anyway, I'm going to paint the room "warm pink" and then in the nook paint it green 2/3 up the wall and then it will turn into a mural with a sky blue background up to the ceiling. Then I'll mount some book shelves to the walls and put a big fluffy rug down. This probably makes no sense, but it will.


This is Warm Pink by Valspar. I want this all over her walls except the reading nook. It has a hint of salmon in it. LOVE IT!


This is a stencil like what I'll create on the wall-except in a green like


Simply Green by Valspar.

Finally, the sky will go behind the green and up to and on the ceiling. I'm thinking this color:

blue-paint-swatch-10.jpg This is Rain Dance by Valspar. I picked up the samples today and am going to get started hopefully soon.

This is my inspiration room. I'm going to do this with the green but with a blue background up to the ceiling.


Okay, I know this post is random. I'm signing off now. Good night!

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