Tuesday, June 1, 2010

play date

Sweet Sullivan came over recently to play with Harper. They've been boyfriend/girlfriend for quite a while now, and we've enjoyed watching them grow together. He's about 3 months older and I look forward to all of the things that Harper will do when she's his age. He is just so sweet, saying "please" and "thank you." I can't believe that he eats with a fork! Good thing I saw that, because I don't think I would have otherwise given Harper a fork until she was 5! But, apparently they can handle it just fine. So, I've been letting her explore utensils the last few days.

I think Sullivan's wondering, "is this what I have to do at Harper's house?"

Speaking of food...I found out yesterday at a cookout that tofu is bad for little Harper. She eats a little bit each day, either in a "chik" patty or a veggie burger. Ugh, I'm so upset that I've been giving it to her. Anyway, we're changing it up. Harper's bed time will be pushed back 30 minutes and she's going to start eating dinner with us-what we eat, she'll eat. It started tonight and she ate everything on her plate. I was so relieved. She had whole wheat spaghetti with chicken and marinara sauce and broccoli. I wish I had a picture of what a mess she was, but that's okay.

Finally, we finished decorating our family room, but still need a square upholstered cocktail ottoman. I think it is so comfortable and cozy. What color ottoman should I get? I'm thinking a green and khaki print of some type. Everything in this room came from Homegoods or Walmart except the sofa. We got a great deal on the sectional at Potterybarn.

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