Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a girl and her dog

Let me just say that I love my Georgia.

Me with puppy Georgia-July 2004

Georgia listening to Harper in my belly, September 2008

Mother's Day, May 2009

Harper and Georgia watching for their daddy, June 2010

Harper loves on Georgia all of the time. She throws her the tennis ball, plays chase in the yard with her, gives her kisses, and sometimes just snuggles up to her out of the blue. Sweet girls.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

scared of scallops

I used to be afraid to cook scallops, until I recently saw how easy it is. Try this! Buy 8 large scallops for a dinner for two. Rinse and dry the scallops, then season with salt and pepper. Heat a couple of tbsp of oil in skillet on medium-high heat and gently place the scallops in a circle in the hot oil. Don't touch them and don't crowd them (they're sensitive). Cook for two minutes (oh yeah, that's right-they're FAST!) on each side. At the last minute, I poured 3 tbsp of barbecue sauce on mine-we Tennesseans don't mess around, here. For our dinner, I served them alongside jasmine rice and steamed green beans. YUM! The sweet jasmine rice complemented the salty scallops nicely.

So, don't be afraid of scallops-they're easy but fancy.

Here's some photos for the grandparents. Sorry these are blurry, but my camera battery was low.

playdate with sullivan

after the playdate with sullivan

Friday, June 18, 2010

show us your life-proposal story

Brian and I knew each other for 10 years when he proposed. I was 22, he was 24.

One night at dinner he told me to take off work in a few weeks to go to Knoxville for a track and cross country alumni get-together. But, he had this look when he said it and I KNEW!

The next weekend I visited my friend Kyra and I told her- I think he's going to propose. We even went to a dress shop for fun and when we walked in they asked, "which one is the bride to be?" and we both laughed. I felt like it might be bad luck to look at dresses, but what the heck?

Anyway, we drove to Knoxville in a horrible storm and argued the whole way there. We were both really really nervous but couldn't tell the other one, and the stormy weather made driving stressful. We were both keeping it a secret and couldn't tell the other, so tensions were high. Then, Brian planned a hike for us at the Chimneys in the Smokey Mountains. Well, guess what-that rain followed us to Knoxville and it was raining and cold the day of the hike. Still, we made the drive to the trail and were told that the top of the Chimneys was closed to hikers because of rain on the rocks.

Brian didn't let that stop him. We put on our rain gear and made the hike in the rain. Had I not had a hunch, I would have protested, but away we went! We made it about a mile and Brian found a little cove-his backup plan was to stop at a spot where a huge rock sits in the middle of the stream coming down the mountain. This would have been beautiful-had the rain not been so heavy that the stream flooded the rock. So, he just went for it in that little cove off the trail. We had a little canopy of trees over us and it was very private and serene.

He got down to pull out his "water" from his backpack, but turned around with a ring box. He immediately said, "will you marry me?" I of course said "yes," and even though I knew it was coming, was still in shock. He had packed a bottle of champagne and we toasted right there on the trail-in the pouring down rain.

I loved the way this worked because it wasn't perfect and dreamy. My hair was soaked, it was dark and stormy, I could barely get a good look at the ring, and things just didn't go as planned. But, isn't that marriage? It can get stormy, difficult to see at times, and yet you still love one another and push through. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

In the mood for love? Go read other proposal stories at

Thursday, June 17, 2010

library card

Harper had her first trip to the library! Let me just say that she loved it! She is such a book lover anyway, that when she entered the children's section she ran from shelf to shelf pulling books and taking them to a chair to read. We'll have to make that a scheduled visit for rainy days. They have tons of board books, so thank goodness I won't have to buy as many books anymore. Whoo! Go taxes! Okay, that's a little overboard. But, whoo! Go library!

We're also discovering the wonderful world of water play. We're waiting on the pool membership to go through, so until then we have a mini water park in our backyard- installed by daddy and mommy. She had so much fun at Sunny's last week that Brian and I decided to get her a little sprinkler pool.

Hey, what's for dinner? Well, make yourself a little pizza with some fresh summer vegetables. For this one I used roasted red peppers, red onion, and garlic with fresh mozzarella, spinach, basil, and tomato sauce. I splurged (okay, not really a splurge when a little bag of basil costs $4) and bought a basil plant for $7 last summer and it lasted me from May through September. Set it in a part sun spot and water it every other day. Anyway, I put basil on grilled cheese (with Havarti, honey, and pepper-oh, my!), homemade pizza, salad, tomato sandwiches, pasta, and anything else I can think of. Go get one now!

Look at that yummy spinach! Hey, have you ever seen a double banana?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

this is

This is

a tempter tantrum.

This is

Harper making sure I'm watching the temper tantrum.
Oh yeah, I'm watchin' you, girl. You look ridiculous, I say.

This is
the pile that she was making

as she
cleaned out her diaper bag for me.
Harper is a very neat girl. She makes piles for me everywhere.
If she sees a blade of grass on the other side of the room,
she goes and picks it up and brings it to me.
She is NOT like her mamma in that regard.

Hurry, mamma, we gotta clean up.
This was one of her Memorial Day-4th of July-Labor Day-hey we're making good use of it dresses.
It was $4 at a consignment shop

This is
my favorite thing to watch.
She LOVES this book (and so do I).
Oh yeah, and of course Harper LOVES her daddy.
This is when she'd just finished throwing a fit with me and ran to her daddy for love.

This is
her striking a pose in her reading nook. I always say, "whoo, girl! Work it Harper!"
All we need here is a fan.

I have a great idea for this reading nook. Since she has a little dormer window, I put a reading chair in there with some books. She is so grown up and reading there all of the time now. Well, she points to pictures and says incomprehensible words. Anyway, I'm going to paint the room "warm pink" and then in the nook paint it green 2/3 up the wall and then it will turn into a mural with a sky blue background up to the ceiling. Then I'll mount some book shelves to the walls and put a big fluffy rug down. This probably makes no sense, but it will.


This is Warm Pink by Valspar. I want this all over her walls except the reading nook. It has a hint of salmon in it. LOVE IT!


This is a stencil like what I'll create on the wall-except in a green like


Simply Green by Valspar.

Finally, the sky will go behind the green and up to and on the ceiling. I'm thinking this color:

blue-paint-swatch-10.jpg This is Rain Dance by Valspar. I picked up the samples today and am going to get started hopefully soon.

This is my inspiration room. I'm going to do this with the green but with a blue background up to the ceiling.


Okay, I know this post is random. I'm signing off now. Good night!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

show us your random acts of kindness

Since Brian and I just moved, we've received some thoughtful cards and acts of kindness as housewarming gifts. My favorite gift, probably one of the best in my life, was something we received recently from my friend Lisa. She came over for a play date and brought a housewarming gift.

She started by saying (and the girl should be a public speaker because she knows how to work it and she's so sincere and honest), "now this is a tradition I want to share with you for your new home." She held out a basket filled with three things: salt, bread, and a bottle of wine. She went on to quote It's a Wonderful Life saying,

"Bread-that this house may never know hunger.
Salt-That life may always have flavor.
Wine-that joy and prosperity may reign forever."

George and Mary say this in the movie when they help the immigrant family, the Martinis, move into their home. How sweet is that? This is such a simple gesture, but means so much. That was truly one of my favorite gifts of all time. If you know someone who just made a move into the neighborhood, this would be such a thoughtful gesture. Perhaps they don't drink wine? I think sparkling cider would work well too and you can just call it wine. If you're not one for speeches, print this little message on a card. So sweet.

My parents recently found and returned a dog that had been missing for 2 weeks. It showed up at their house, took off, and then my parents drove around looking for it because they had a hunch it was in trouble. When they called the owner, she couldn't believe it. How neat is that!?

Do you have any random acts of kindness that you'd like to share? Maybe something you saw happen or something someone did for you? I love these stories-they're the news we need to hear.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Harper's into her shades lately. She wears them like a movie star. Brian, on the other hand, needs to work on it.

I picked out my Father's Day card for Brian today and I have to say that I was actually standing there in the middle of Target crying. It is the sweetest, most perfect card I've ever found-and I'm into cards. Don't you love finding and sending cards to people you care about?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

play date

Sweet Sullivan came over recently to play with Harper. They've been boyfriend/girlfriend for quite a while now, and we've enjoyed watching them grow together. He's about 3 months older and I look forward to all of the things that Harper will do when she's his age. He is just so sweet, saying "please" and "thank you." I can't believe that he eats with a fork! Good thing I saw that, because I don't think I would have otherwise given Harper a fork until she was 5! But, apparently they can handle it just fine. So, I've been letting her explore utensils the last few days.

I think Sullivan's wondering, "is this what I have to do at Harper's house?"

Speaking of food...I found out yesterday at a cookout that tofu is bad for little Harper. She eats a little bit each day, either in a "chik" patty or a veggie burger. Ugh, I'm so upset that I've been giving it to her. Anyway, we're changing it up. Harper's bed time will be pushed back 30 minutes and she's going to start eating dinner with us-what we eat, she'll eat. It started tonight and she ate everything on her plate. I was so relieved. She had whole wheat spaghetti with chicken and marinara sauce and broccoli. I wish I had a picture of what a mess she was, but that's okay.

Finally, we finished decorating our family room, but still need a square upholstered cocktail ottoman. I think it is so comfortable and cozy. What color ottoman should I get? I'm thinking a green and khaki print of some type. Everything in this room came from Homegoods or Walmart except the sofa. We got a great deal on the sectional at Potterybarn.