Monday, May 17, 2010


My kid is the one in the movie Parenthood with Steve Martin-you know, the kid with the bucket on her head that keeps walking into the wall. We put Mark's hat on her and she just stood there for 5 minutes with it on, looking through the mesh.

Harper's new favorite word is "uh oh." She wakes up, throws her pacifier out of the crib and "uh oh." She comes down for breakfast, throws cheerios on the floor and "uh oh." She goes upstairs to pick out an outfit, throws shirts out of the dresser and "uh oh." You get the drift. She says it all of the time and it is so cute. The "oh" part is the best. HA! This just happened overnight. Here she is throwing her cheese on the ground so that she can say it. She didn't eat a bit of her lunch today.
We had a nice day-more unpacking and I swept and mopped all of the hardwood in the house. It took me 45 minutes, but I don't think I'll have to do it that often. We did our usual grocery shopping and there were TONS of babies at the store this morning. We usually go by the deli for meats and cheeses and Harper gets to taste. She's a ham herself. Then we tried for a walk and that was a disaster. It started raining on us and then the dog down the street wanted to mate with my shy dog Georgia. Not fun. We played and played in the new play room and then Sunny and Alec came over to visit for a couple of hours.

Harper had her last bottle forever last night and we're trying bedtime without one for the first time. At one year, we dropped all but the bedtime bottle-just because she's so little. She does great going down for naps without a bottle, so here's hoping. She's been asleep for a couple of hours and went to sleep without a peep. I'm sure it will be fine. I thought I'd be a little sad, but I'm getting used to all of these changes. But then again, am I fine if I actually took a picture of it last night?
We also took down the changing table because it was starting to get a little dangerous. She's just too big and squirmy for it now. AND we turned her around in the carseat. She looked pretty uncomfortable in the 30 lb. bucket, and she seems happy facing forward.

Miss Harper loves learning to feed herself with a spoon. I always let her have the last of the yogurt each day. She gets so proud of herself.

I promise she has other shirts besides the Wonder Woman shirt! I know it keeps popping up. Anyway, she's doing well with the spoon, and can even do it with no hands!
She's growing up so fast! People say that, but I never really got it until now. Here she is just a year ago today.
Harper Rose, you're 15 months old, and sweeter than ever. We love you.

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