Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial day

Well, have you seen it yet?

The Pioneer Woman posted photographs to commemorate Memorial Day. They left me crying and thanking God that we live in a country with such bravery. As we watched footage of soldiers' graves last night, my friend Drew said to me and Brian, "when some of the European countries stick their noses up at us, I just want to say, 'where would you even be without us?'" This day makes me proud, and I need to work on being a little bit more thankful for our country.

If you haven't seen the pictures, go check them out here. She also posted some on her main "confessions" page here.

Happy and Thankful Memorial Day.


  1. For those who serve in the military, it is not just the individual but the family. We each have those special moments we cherish as we return from our separation from our loved ones--the first hug, kiss, and embrace that will remain with us the rest of our lives. I was blessed to have a family that was there for me the entire time I was gone that words or pictures will ever really portray. Yet in looking at those pictures, I can easily relate to those feelings captured. Thank you.

  2. me too, dad! They reminded me of when you left and then came back.