Tuesday, May 18, 2010

grandparents galore

Yep, grandparents can wear stuff like this and still be really cool. Go figure.

Harper and I just got back from a week with the grandparents-both hers and mine. We had a great time and I think, no I KNOW that she was spoiled rotten.

First, we flew to Memphis on a little plane. She was wonderful, despite an ear infection. Then we spent the evening with my parents and she was a little angel for us. She did get her first boo-boo ever by scraping her knee on the ground. She didn't cry though, but rather got up and kept running around. When I was little, I always had bumps and boo-boos on my knees.

The next day, we took her over to her Mimi and Pop's so that she could get adjusted to staying the night with them by herself. She had a blast playing with her toys. There were only a couple of things for her to choose from, and I think she got a little bored.


Harper was in heaven! She gobbled up that love. She then spent the next 4 days away from her mommy and daddy and apparently didn't cry one time. Ha! Maybe Mimi and Pop should move up here and help me out with that one because Harper has definitely entered Toddlerhood and is quickly mastering the art of temper tantrums. I only got sad one time when I was away from her-and that was on Mother's Day so I'm allowed.

I went on with my parents and sister to travel down to Texas. We took the RV and drove 12 hours to visit them. The drive went by so quickly and we all had a great time catching up and listening to old soundtracks that we used to enjoy on road trips. I haven't been on a road trip like that in a long time and it was so much fun.

We got into Texas and spent the long weekend with my grandparents. We went furniture shopping and helped my grandma get settled into her new place.
How about this one with the boa?

We spent a lot of time at the nursing home with my grandpa and let me tell you a little something about it. If you've been avoiding visiting someone in the nursing home because you're scared of what it will be like-don't avoid it and don't be scared. I was seriously just prepared for the worst (cause somehow that is my coping mechanism) and I was so happy when I walked in to see him. The home was clean, bright, and open. We had a nice time visiting with him and I was so relieved to hear him joking around and giving us all a hard time. We even brought him home on Sunday for some fried chicken. My grandmother goes there every day for most of the day and takes great care of him. That's love.

I looked around the nursing home at one point and thought about what all of these people (mostly women) were once like. I have a whole new outlook on the elderly and on nursing homes. For example, some of the women were dressed in the nicest outfits. One lady stood clutching her purse and looking at passersby and I could just picture her going out with her friends carrying her favorite handbag-kind of like me now!

My grandmother breezed through there like it was her home-saying "hi" to all of the staff and going to visit some of the other residents. I had the best time hanging out with her again. We all went to a Japanese steak house one night and had a good time relaxing together.
We loaded up the RV and headed back to Memphis. When we got there, of course Harper just kind of looked at me like, "who are you?" or "oh, were you gone?" Ha! Needless to say she and I both had a great time with our grandparents.

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