Sunday, May 30, 2010

down on the farm

Harper and I love the local farm-especially since Spring. All of the momma animals had babies and it is an adventure each time we visit. We've been going once or twice a week since about April so that she could play on the playground and see the animals. What a blessing that right when the weather gets nice, all of the animals have their babies. I know it is mother nature taking care of the young, but wow, how wonderful that we get to take advantage of the weather and enjoy the baby animals at the same time.

We always start at the playground, and then Harper sees the barn and pens makes a run for it! Towards the animals!

I would take a picture of that, but I'm racing to catch and hold her hand so she doesn't spill on the paved path to the goats. She gets to the goats, in lightning speed, and waits for them...they arrive and there's instant glee
for both parties...then the goat makes a quick bleat (any other suggestions on the sound? because I can't decide what to tell her with the goat-they really sound like sheep) the goat bleats in its sheer joy to see Harper (or maybe it wants food), and the next thing I know (too well)
I have an instant third leg that I end up carrying around the rest of the time. She cracks me up, but I guess it is a little scary because the animals are pretty loud and foreign all at the same time.
That's okay. I don't mind holding her :)

So we move on to the barn with the sheep, lambs, pig, and piglets. They're all so cute, but Harper holds on to dear life as she cranes her neck to look over the stalls. She enjoys every visit, and I have to say it is the highlight of my week.
These piglets are 8 of 11 born in March. We saw them when they were days old and they're getting so big now and leaving the farm to new owners. They are some of my favorite animals.

The sheep are my second favorite. They delivered several lambs this Spring and it is so cute to watch them take care of the young. You can look out into stalls or into the fields and tell who's is who's. Look how the babies follow their mother.

Of course, Harper's my favorite part. We are having such a great time growing together.

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