Friday, May 21, 2010

Annapolis-the prettiest and most romantic town in America

Show us your life-your town!

So, this year Annapolis became the most Romantic Town in America. In Forbes it was ranked as one of "The Prettiest Towns in America and called, "perhaps the East's most romantic town." Brian and I love it here in Annapolis, and here's why.

The water! There's water water everywhere, making Annapolis the sailing capital of the world. We haven't purchased a boat (waiting on the family to get a little bigger), but there are water priviledges everywhere here.
Just last night, I went out on a friend's boat down the Magothy River, out to the bay, and picked up some friends at our famous Cantler's restaurant. Which brings me to #2...
Seafood! Oh, I love some great seafood and can get it anytime here. We have fresh seafood markets galore and nearly every restaurant boasts its crabcakes as the best. I love crabcakes, steamed crabs, and yum yum cream of crab soup (go check out the Seafood at Carrol's Creek, my favorite Annapolis restaurant located on the water in Eastport/downtown Annapolis). Which brings me to #3...

Historic Downtown Annapolis! When Brian and I first visited here, we thought we'd traveled back to the 17th century. Downtown Annapolis is on the water and has all kinds of specialty shops and restaurants. You could spend a couple of days there, seeing the oldest original state capital building in the country, going to little boutiques, visiting the Naval Academy Cathedral, doing some pottery painting or pottery buying, and eating ice cream down on the waterfront. There are several historic inns, including the Maryland Inn, where George Washington reportedly stayed. We love downtown Annapolis. So quaint.
Location location location! We're technically "the South," but us Tennessee folks think this is the North. Anyway, we are in a great location-DC is only 30 minutes, New York is only 3 hours, the water is EVERYWHERE, and skiing is about 3 hours. Brian and I love to go up to Baltimore, just 30 minutes away, and see the O's play at Camden Yards.
We get all 4 distinct seasons (hello, blizzards, and hello allergies!), but they usually aren't sooo intense as you would find in other corners of the US.
Us hiking in the mountains

Annapolis is right here next to everything, but has that hometown feeling to it.

I love Annapolis, and I hope you'll come visit! What do you love about your town? Brian and I love to travel, so who knows...

In other news... look who's in a new front-facing carseat!


  1. Found your blog thru Kellys Korner - I love your description of Annapolis, I work in DC but have never been to Annapolis, and now I want to check it out!!

  2. What a wonderful review! My SIL just moved to Maryland and I'll be sure to pass this post along to her!

    Can't wait to visit now...

  3. hey! just saw your post on kelly's korner. my hubby and i live right near annapolis with our almost 11 month old baby boy! good to see another maryland momma on the blog-o-sphere! :)

  4. Claybakers is hidden online! I found your blog instead and it's so cool! I just moved to the area from Chicago and so far the weather has been warmer than there. We'll see what the weather holds.