Friday, April 9, 2010

those sunshine days...

Harper dancing with Sunny and the singing cowboy

Ah, Spring is in the air...literally. Poor Harper has BIG TIME allergies and developed two ear infections. She just started screaming one afternoon, out of the blue, and wouldn't stop for an hour. So, I took her straight to the doctor and lo and behold had to make a pit stop at the pharmacy on the way home. We had a rough start to the week, but she's doing much better now.

Spring came on so quickly. All of the trees and flowers popped this week-along with the thermometer. It got up to 93 degrees this week. YIKES. I'm glad to see warmer weather, but that scares me a little about summer. Last night's rain certainly cooled things down and washed most of the pollen out of the air.

This is Harper gettin' down

Harper's had fun with her BFF, Sunny. What a little cutie-pie. They're 3 days apart and are so fun to watch interact. We meet up to see this singing cowboy once a month and the girls have a good time. He is really nice and has some endearing songs. It is sad, but I know all of the songs by, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" and "He's a Daddy...He's a Daddy Long Legs," and "Pretty Soon, You'll Be a Walking Dictionary" (my personal favorite). So, we dance and sing and Sunny's mom and I chase the girls all over the mall. Sometimes they'd rather shop than listen to the singing cowboy. Like, "come on mom, that's kids' stuff." Harper and Sunny are little dancers, though, and they crack us up all of the time. After the singing cowboy show, we went to lunch and Harper finally ate macaroni and cheese! Yeah! Every time she took a bite, we'd all clap and say, "yeah." I'm sure everyone thought we were nutso. Gee, what a milestone. She loves peas and broccoli (I can never remember how man c's and l's go into that word) and here I am cheering about her eating macaroni and cheese. Too funny.

The rest of the week, we played and looked at houses and played some more. Daddy brought Harper toys, of course, and broke down and purchased the toddler car seat. It is nice, but I'm not sure we're ready to actually put her in it. ??? Hm, then why did we buy it? I don't know-please ask my husband who brought it home the other night. Good grief, she is going to be spoiled rotten by that daddy of hers.

Happy Friday!

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