Friday, April 16, 2010

something the teacher will love-pottery from the class

Isn't this a sweet little gift?

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Take it from a former, no off-duty, teacher that any gift will make a teacher's day. I've received everything from home-baked dinners during tough times to a Colts key chain, and all made me so happy. I taught teenagers and I think it took a lot of guts for many of them to bring their teacher a gift.

With that said, I will share my FAVORITE teacher gift idea ever. It really works best for an elementary school teacher, or one who has a single class. It is a personalized platter from the whole class.

STEP 1: Go to a local paint-your-own pottery place, like our Annapolis Clay Bakers, and talk to the store about purchasing a large serving platter or bowl. Explain that you'd also like to take some glaze (aka paint) and brushes to borrow and that you'll bring everything back to the store, including the platter to be fired. They will gladly accommodate you. You can buy it yourself, or have everyone pitch in about 3 dollars if possible.

STEP 2: Speak with an assistant principal or department chair and ask them to "steal" away the teacher at a convenient time so that you can sneak in for your surprise.

STEP 3: Take the paint and platter to the school and have the students do one or more of the following (or use your imagination and think of some other options)
-Layer different color handprints all over the platter and then artfully write each student's name on his/her handprint.
-Ask students sign their names all over the platter (great for the grade when they learn cursive)
-For a smaller class, use the paint and handprints to create a "bouquet" coming out of a vase on the platter
-Ask students draw a stick figure of themselves in a circle around the platter or bowl (see picture)
-Write the teacher's favorite saying at the bottom of the platter
-Write, "Thank you Mrs. Adams! Love, your 2010 Kindergarten Class"

STEP 4: Have the piece fired back at the pottery store and wait about a week to get it back.

STEP 5: Deliver it to the teacher in a pretty package (because yes, the wrapping does make a present all the more special).

This will be a great present! He or she will either put it in a special place and admire it for years, or be like me and actually use it with family and friends. Even if the kids mess up, it is still cute because it is sooo what a teacher is used to, right? Even better-we'll call it "character." Think of the fond memories it will bring back for the teacher and the thought that went into it. Plus, the kids will have a blast creating it. Much better than a Bath and Body Works gift set, right? (no offense-I love B and B; I'm just sayin')

Have fun; if you do this, I'd love to see pictures!

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