Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Parents' Visit and the Zoo

A million years ago...well, really just 3 weeks ago (but still), my parents came to visit. The last time they came up was a year ago, when Harper was just 1 month old. They've seen her several times before this trip, but it's been since November that they've seen the munchkin. She's a completely different girl. We had a wonderful time together, and Harper loves her grandparents. One night, my mom was supposed to be putting Harper to bed, and I'm in the kitchen listening to the two of them laughing at each other. I was upset, but at the same time know how easy it is to succumb to that big smile.

We had the opportunity to go to Mount Vernon, the zoo, and Kinder Farm in this one trip. My parents loved seeing Washington's home, and Harper got to try out her new Kelty Kids backpack. It was a good thing, because it rained/misted the whole time we were there. Harper was snug as a bug in her backpack! What a nice investment. We'll start taking her on hikes now this summer.

I never get tired of going to the Smithsonian, the monuments, and places like Mount Vernon. We've spent a lot of time in these places over the past 5 years, and I learn something new every time. Harper had so much fun at the zoo! It was her first trip to the zoo ever, and I couldn't believe how GOOD she was the whole time. I'm so proud of her. Here's my dad showing her the monkeys.
Brian filming, and Harper and I looking at the lions. Whenever I say, "lion," she roars! I think I've read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear? to her a million times-hence the roaring.

On our last day, we went to Kinder Farm Park, but those pictures are still...in storage. I've GOT to get over there! Anyway, Harper got to feed and pet the sheep and goats. They'd had beautiful little babies, and Harper was sweet to them.

I'll be seeing my parents again very soon, and I can't wait to spend more time with them. It is hard being so far away, but Harper takes no time at all to warm up to them every time. We love you!

one year ago...

swaddled with grandma

soothed to sleep by grandpa

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time! I grew up near Mount Vernon and still have family in the area. I miss going there. Harper sure looks like a sweetie!