Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"this ain't no Easter Basket"

Harper's climbing landed her inside our blanket basket. If I were posting a "Not Me Monday," this is what it would be:
I most certainly did not search for homes on my computer while Harper climbed into our living room blanket basket. Then, I most certainly DID NOT NOT NOT watch her stand inside and then proceed to sit down, much to her unusual comfort. Next, I would NEVER, EVER, not in a MILLION years, grab my phone and record her reclining in the basket. Nope, not me. I didn't do it. Finally, I would never continue to record once she both signed and said "done" (as in, get me OUT, mom)...I'm a perfect mom and I don't let me daughter get into such mischief; and if I did (which I certainly don't) I would never laugh about it either.
What have you NOT done lately? Eat well over your body weight in Peeps last month? Talk with a mouthful of Runts Easter Eggs? Come on, fess up...this video will inspire your honesty.


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