Friday, March 5, 2010

the system...a day in the life of ME

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

So, this week's "Show Us Your Life" is a day in the life. Well, any mom will tell you that her daily life revolves around her child(ren)-at least I kind of hope so or I'm in trouble. It sounds pitiful, but when I really thought about this post, I realized that my whole day literally revolves around Harper's schedule. I have managed to work in some of my own priorities, but again-they fall somewhere between her eating and sleeping. Note that there is some variation, depending on the day of the week. I've made my life much more pleasant by following a system and schedule for the week. This is pretty boring, but here it goes anyway.

1. Breakfast Breakslow: Harper (and thus I) wakes up. I brew some coffee and make both of us some breakfast. While she slowly finishes feeding herself, I do the dishes and clean the kitchen.
2. Getting dressed: This is always a juggle. I monitor her meal and about 3 minutes before she's finished I run and get dressed for the gym. Then, I clean her up and get her into her outfit for the day.
3. Gym: We hit the gym together; she plays and I sweat. When I drop her off, she RUNS away from me to go play. Then, when I pick her up, she runs back to me with her arms up for mommy. So funny.
4. Snack and Nap: She naps and I do whatever I need to do for those couple of hours-shower, clean, prep lunch. I'll admit I catch the first 15 minutes of The View for some Hot Topics-you know you love it!
5. Lunch and play: Harper wakes up, eats with me, and then we play for a while.
6. Afternoon errands, depending on the day of the week.
7. Optional afternoon nap: if Harper starts hanging her head in mini-tantrums or throwing her hands down on the ground, followed by her forehead in a full-blown tantrum, it is nap time for her. I'll say, "nap" and she now starts heading for her room.
8. Afternoon snack and more play time.
9. Dinner for Harper at 5, followed by a bath and maybe 15-20 minutes of Wonderpets, her absolute only (and thus favorite) show.
10. Harper goes to bed at 6 or 6:30. Don't be jealous. We used to be a little selfish and keep her up until 8 so that we could play with her. Plus, 8 just seemed like a normal bedtime. But, that just wasn't working out for her. She didn't go down easily and was just a cranky mess. Then I remembered what Baby Wise said about an earlier bedtime and we slowly cut it back. This works great for her, so we're all happy.
11. I start dinner for me and Brian and we eat around 7. I have a new love of cooking since I stay home now.
12. Clean up and couple time (the best part of the day). We spend a lot of this time talking about little Harper and how much we love her.

I add in, depending on the day, laundry day, grocery day, Gymboree day, and play dates. I have a system for laundry and grocery so that I only have to do those two things once per week. This saves me tons of time and stress.

So, that's it. I guess that if I had to have one thing for my life to revolve around, Harper works out pretty well. I think I have my priorities straight.

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