Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday (and Sunday) in the park...

1)Harper was on a toddler playground, not the big kid playground. Don't worry, grandma..
2) I found a good site for playgroundetiquette:
Pretty funny to me.
Brian had to work "the truck"-and by that, I mean the mobile medical education truck with cadavers on it-this weekend. It turned out to be such a beautiful weekend, the first in many months, so Harper, Georgia and I went to the park. At first, she didn't know what to think. The girl forgot what grass is! Ha! Cold weather and piles of snow prevented us from playing in the yard for so long! So, when we got there she took several awkward, curious steps and then had a blast. I pushed her in the swing and let her go down the begins mother bear mode for me. There are some mean and aggressive kids at the playground. Remember those kids that used to scream furiously, swing so high you thought the swing would break-or break someone-, push other kids to get where they wanted, or sat in the opening of the "tube" so that no one could get in? Well, now that I'm in momma bear mode, it feels like that kid is everywhere. Ugh. I'm going to have to get over that. I think I did pretty well; though Brian would probably say everyone could tell I didn't like that kid, I didn't say a word or make any faces. Ha! Who needs to learn playground etiquette? Me! Actually, I wonder if there's something out there about that...I mean, at what point do you tell a kid, "hey, that's dangerous. I'm afraid you're going to hurt my child." I need to restrain my momma bear power and be nice.
Moving on-and back to Harper.
She had so much fun at the park on Saturday, and Sunday turned out to be nice too. So, we packed up the diaper bag for an afternoon at the park again. She's just so cute! She was her usual independent self and kept wanting to go exploring on her own. I love this little monkey. The best part of the day was taking her home, giving her dinner, helping her take a long warm bath, and then snuggling with her in her rocking chair. You know those great weekends where you're wiped out on Sunday night, you smell like the outside, and you know you took advantage of the great outdoors? Well, top that off with rocking a snuggly toddler full of milk and smelling of marshmallow soap, and you've got yourself a life right there.

View photos of the park on my mobile me account:

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